Corporate Identity

Corporate Wear

We assists both larger and smaller companies with a wide selection of some of our more popular garment styles, for a variety of shapes and sizes, in both ladies and gents wear. For further options in colours and styles please contact us directly. Using quality fabrics, our corporate wear is designed with both the stylish/modern and classic employee in mind. Our range offers two further fundamentals: comfort and confidence.

We want your clients, employees and customers to love your brand’s corporate apparel and so we offer a highly-curated selection of the best corporate clothing out there. From golf shirts and hoodies to beanies and bodywarmers – take your pick and let us custom-brand each item with your logo and design.

For our Corporate clients we offer a comprehensive one-stop shop for all their gifting and clothing needs. Our services include:

  • Design – our in-house team of graphic designers are on hand to bring your brand to life through merchandise
  •  Bespoke 
  •  Sourcing & Manufacture – we source from a network of local & international suppliers .
  •  Branding – our in-house branding department offers dye sublimation embroidery, screen printing, pad printing and heat press

Corporate Gifts

We’re like your extended marketing & branding department. If you don’t have these departments, then you’ll be happy to know that we are the perfect match for your company. We specialize in serving our clients with the best of the best selection of merchandise to fit their promotion. From building custom products from scratch to placing your logo on the perfect branded merchandise, your company deserves the best products in the market.  

Our extensive distribution network will ensure that your branded products arrive on time, where it is needed. We pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service and communication and strive to brand all companies in their advertising ventures!


The Best Corporate gifts for clients go a long way in helping to boost relationship with vendors, clients, suppliers etc. A small token of your appreciation in the form of a small, but personalised gift can do wonders for your commercial relationship. Imagine the pride a client representative would feel when he gets a pen with his name engraved on it or if he gets a t-shirt with his name printed on the back! Contact us today and we can get give you the best Corporate Gift Ideas for any occasion!

Corporate gifts and associated campaigns form a critical part of your strategic marketing plan. ‘Brand activation’ via thoughtful corporate gifts affords you the opportunity to increase ‘targeted awareness’ without spending a large amount of money on traditional advertising platforms. While reciprocation with anything other than a ‘thank you’, is not mandatory, the overwhelming sense of appreciation ‘compels’ the recipient to develop an inherent loyalty towards you and your brand. In today’s consumer-driven society, where service is a major distinguishing factor, the seed of gratitude emanating from the corporate gift will more than likely culminate in larger orders and more sales to your client!

In short, there is no better reward for customer loyalty than a specially designed gift of appreciation that also reinforces these valuable customer relationships.


 This will increase your brand loyalty immensely giving your brand much more power over your competitors, building a long lasting relationship with your customers using personalised corporate gifts is the most cost effective marketing tactic to use

Graphic Design

We also have a team of amazing graphic designers. They are able to create the materials you need from scratch, Logo, Business cards, Brochures, Magazines and many more. Maybe you’re not happy with the way your logo looks at the moment? We can help by giving it an overhaul and a fresh look.

Using our in-house graphic designers you’ll be cutting out the middle man and working with just one company rather than using separate graphic design and print businesses. This speeds up the entire process and saves time and money.


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